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limit charging

  1. tvguy710

    Battery Range Charging Limit Settings

    Was wondering if there is any way to change the battery range charging limit depending on your location? I am able to get my car charged at my work's parking garage and would like to set the limit a little higher than what I charge it to at my house. Currently utilizing the feature of scheduled...
  2. M

    Charging Limiting To 200 Volts

    I have had my m3 for a little while now and have been charging at public stations. For example, a 6.6kw chargepoint locations but when I plugin, it maxes out at 30 amps and about 200 volts which results in 6kw, not 6.6kw and a charge rate of 22/23 mph. I am not able to change anything but the...
  3. zambono

    I think 90D is no longer supercharger limited

    i noticed higher charge rates for myself 2 weeks ago and right now I am at 106KW when before at times it would hover around 60.
  4. S

    30 min. limit at Mt. View SC

    Hubby was running errands today up the SF peninsula, left home with about 100 mile range and ended up making an unanticipated trip stop he hadn't planned. He found himself with 37 range miles left afterwards, so decided to stop at the Mt. View SC. First time there. Told him it was one of the...