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load sharing

  1. Marcacer

    Load balancing issues while charging my model 3 after new update

    Hi, I have a 3x25 AMP house connection and many electrical appliances, to save costs on creating a heavier house connection i bought a Wallbox EV charger with a Load Balancing system. This system uses the free space i have in my house connection for charging the Tesla. The idea is not to load...
  2. Daniellane

    Tesla Cable Organizer Fixed!

    I have 2 Tesla Model S/X/3 Cable Organizers installed as part of our dual wall charger setup. They really do a terrible job holding the connector in place until now... I just did this nifty little upgrade to the cable management setup that solved this issue. Here is our load sharing setup:
  3. Daniellane

    Model 3 & Model S Load Sharing 2 HPWCs Video Demo! WooHoo!

    Just took delivery of our Model 3 today and finally had the opportunity to thoroughly test our dual wall charger set-up. It works like magic! Two HPWC’s sharing one 100 amp circuit. From the HPWC installation manual: The Wall Connector includes a feature whereby Wall Connector to Wall Connector...