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  1. P

    Car asleep, locked, not responding to app or keys.

    2023 Tesla LR S. In my garage, charging to 80% complete. Charge cable not removable. Car locked, not unlocking to phone-key, nor key-card. App shows car asleep, not waking up, even after hours of waiting and closing and reopening app. Car is comatose, locked, responding to nothing. How can I...
  2. D

    Tesla Model Y Lockout

    New user, first-time poster in this forum to bring up something insane (and possibly unprecedented) during my several years as a Tesla owner. Ever since driving up a mountain summit for a ski trip, my 2021 Model Y Performance has been experiencing all kinds of problems after locking out on a...
  3. D

    Random lockouts

    We all know about the infamous mass lockout that occurred on Labor Day, 2019 where owners were unable to unlock their cars with just the phone app. The card still worked, just not the phone app for a few hours. Over the past 2 weeks I have been locked out of my Tesla Model 3 (purchased June...
  4. G

    12v battery/circuit design not reliable for critical functionality

    The 12v battery in my 2014 model S died or the circuit disconnected on me without warning at all. I was locked out of the car completely. Even after the towing company forced open the door the car could not start, completely dead with no warning at all. I had to pay $300 for the towing company...
  5. Bruce

    locked out??!!!

    Just parked my Tesla model S in my garage and left the key on the front passenger seat by accident. Just as the handles were closing, I remembered the key and reached for the handle. Too late! Thought "oh, thats ok. I'll just push the handle and open the door". No. The car apparently did...