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low speed

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    Noise/ roughness at low speed

    Noise video Hey guys! New here, really hoping someone has solved this issue.. I have a 21 MSLR and I noticed roughness/ noise driving at low speed (~20). I couldn’t reliably reproduce the issue and my service tech can’t really help either.. Does anyone know what the issue might be or how I...
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    EU Low Speed Noise Generator

    Hi All, First-time poster here. Shareholder for 5 years; and my next car will likely be a Model 3 when its time to upgrade. Some of you may have seen the news regarding a fake engine noise required under EU law whilst traveling at low speeds. (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to news...
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    2018 is approaching - what regulation changes take effect?

    Somewhere I've read that starting in 2018 (or the 2018 model year) EVs and hybrids will need some kind of "noise accentuation" (ie. something to make noise) while driving slowly. Is this confirmed or still just an idea that hasn't been passed legislatively? Any idea of what the noise factor is...
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    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our 2013 S85 has a high pitch whine at low speeds whenever the accelerator is depressed. The sound fades as the speed increases, but it annoyingly announces my arrival every day at work and later when I arrive home. So much for Tesla's silence. Several months ago the Scottsdale Service Center...