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  1. UncaNed

    Educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the established auto industry

    What's the best link to educate about Tesla's imminent disruption in the auto industry in a simple decisive manner? Asking for my friend who just inherited an auto parts junk yard and needs to know what's happening to classic ICE manufacturers so he can figure out how it will affect the demand...
  2. jkirkwood001

    Auto manufacturers market cap - who's climbing? who's sinking?

    In celebration of the Q3 surge to $TSLA, I've updated my chart of market capitalization of all the major auto manufacturers. Tesla ($58.3B) is back up to fourth most valuable auto manufacturer in the world. They just re-passed GM, Honda and BMW. Over the last 3 years, Tesla's market cap has...
  3. S

    Auto Industry Lawyers at ABA Conf. -- semi- and automated-driving issues

    This Reuters article from today pretty much captures what I've seen discussed by members here on the Model X Mt. View accident, that of liability issues for manufacturers and suppliers. Figured it might be better to create a thread just for this line of discussion instead of piling it on in the...