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maximum kw

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    how do i calculate max PV amps for my panel and meter

    how do i calculate how many amps my PV can generate? my panel is wep4212 with 2 meters. max branch rating 225, max bus rating 400. each meter has 200amp breaker for current coming from the utility. I want to install 2 pv systems one per meter i am confused how the 120% rule is applied. is my...
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    Peak KW on S60, S85, and P85

    I've read that the S60 maximum output is underrated. My S60 is supposed to have a maximum of 225kw but when I floor it, it goes all the way up to 240kw which is what some websites have been reporting. I was wondering what other owners of S85 and P85 see when they floor the accelerator...