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mind blowing

  1. DNSJames

    Surprise window cleaning while driving in FSDb this morning...

    While sitting at a stoplight this morning in FSDb... suddenly my windshield wipers activated and the cleaner sprayed three short bursts of washer fluid. I guess it thought my windshield was dirty. However, I'm notorious for keeping it super clean as I enjoy the huge view. In fact, when I got...
  2. buttershrimp

    Nostradamus Tesla Semi: Mind-blow-a-thon 2017

    Make your best prediction for exactly how our minds will be blown by the Tesla Semi... Rules: Use your best creepy Nostradomus voice for full effect.... e.g. Behold... Thy 18-horseless lightning cart shall allow for transport in subterranean tunnels which may be on display in Hawthorne, in...