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mobil connector

  1. A

    Charging using 32amp Commando and mobile charger

    It looks like if I purchase the blue commando adapter, my mobile charger which came with my MYLR, would go from the rather pitiful 1kW to 2kW charging rate up to 7.4kW, by using a 32amp https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/blue-adapter---16a_32a- The question I have been unable to get answered...
  2. A

    Mobile connector or wall connector

    Just placed my order for my first ever Tesla model 3 standard in a Tesla showroom. I let them know I would like the mobile connector set with my order the employee mentioned that it can be ordered on the app and left it out of the order. Now after the order I check and they are sold out with no...
  3. R

    Charging amps on Mobil connector dropping to 8

    I have had the car for a week now. First 5 days charging from the Mobil connector at home in my garage I was getting 12 amps. Then past couple days been mostly getting 8 amps. I did notice on the Mobil charger how Tesla letters flash green normally but the T would sometimes be red. When I was...
  4. tpedwards

    Need an UMC - Mobile Connector with 5-15, 6-50 and 14-50

    My UMC died (seven flashes) now I need a replacement. I see Tesla offers the 32A that ships with new cars for $275 and I would need to buy adapters - 14-50, 6-50 and 14-50 ($380). So can anyone do better? PM if you have what I need or close to it.
  5. L

    Gen 2 Tesla Mobile Charging

    The like new 5 piece bundle Tesla (for Model S, 3, X, Y, ) Charging Bundle (tested and works) includes Charge block Case 6-20 Adapter. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters 5-15 Adapter 14-50 Adapter This bundle includes 3 adapters. With NEMA 5-15 adapter you will get the slowest charging of 2-3 miles charge...
  6. C

    Is the model 3 mobile connector water proof?

    With some of the places I will be visiting I will have to do supplemental charging from outdoor 120v outlets. The mobile connector will be outdoors for several days in rain or shine. Is it sealed and designed for outdoor use?