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model 3 battery size

  1. P

    New Ownership Impressions and Advice

    I love the car, it's faster than expected. Solidly built. Intuitive, if you play with the menu screen while it's parked first. Definitely needs a home charging station installed (at least a 240V plug). Here's a detailed review after picking up the 2018 Model 3, and the first 300 miles driven...
  2. J

    Got my Model 3 order invite, decided to wait

    Hi all, Wanted to post this for a couple reasons. First, to let people know where the orders are. I'm a first day online order in Denver. Got my order invite 2 weeks ago. I'm sure that will go into someone's spreadsheet. Second, I wanted to explain why I'm waiting, as hard as it is...
  3. fasteddie7

    Anyone else think the quoted range is less than capacity?

    After watching the livestream and thinking about it, does anyone else think the quoted range is not at Max capacity? 85 or 90% perhaps? Considering there is no badging and it seems they are marketing this vehicle to folks who might not be like a lot of us and examine every detail of the battery...
  4. dndcruz

    Model 3 maximum battery size is 75kwh

    Elon replied saying this : @kryniog The shorter wheelbase only allows for a 75 kWh pack in Model 3 at current cell/module energy densities..... So with this we can assume the largest battery size for the model 3 will be 75 kWh , makes sense why they removed the 60kwh model s , and made the entry...