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model s center console

  1. P

    Replacement for phone dock rubber mat & center console dividers?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2018 Model S and the rubber mat in the phone dock section was missing, as were the curved dividers for the center console. I was able to locate the dividers (part number 1058082-00-C) for sale online, but it was from a Ukrainian site (evserviz.com/en) and I'm not...
  2. Optikclear

    Vendor Premium Cleaning Solution For The Tesla Touch Screen

    Tesla Motors has proven that electric cars have a viable future and can be desirable, based on an innovative design and phenomenal driving experience. As part of this effort, they developed a console with a giant touch screen, that allows the driver to control many functions. However, as with...
  3. Reekdog

    How to disassemble a Premium rear console

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a MS premium rear console from another owner. It's the right interior color but the wrong finish. If I get it, I'd need to recover the front area in carbon fiber but am not sure how easy/hard it is to disassemble the cup holder section. Has anyone tried...
  4. F

    Franklymade's Center Console insert

    Good morning everyone i'm sharing my center console insert design for the Tesla Model S. The photos are of the prototype I built,renderings to fallow will be made of the same materials at the car ABC wood plastics and leather. the production model will have 2 usb ports and 12V outlets and...