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model x options

  1. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportline 20" TST Wheels For Sale for the Tesla Model X and Model S pre-order now!

    We are now taking pre orders for the 20" TST. 2 width options available: (20x9.0" Front / 20x9.0"Rear) or (20x9.0" Front / 20x10.0" Rear) 4 color options available: Metallic Grey, Brilliant Silver, Matte Black, Gloss Black Will fit both the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. Tires: Model...
  2. MrBoylan

    Model X Buyers Guide

    Hey, folks, With some of the odd questions I've seen and misinformation floating around, I decided to write up a Model X Buyer's Guide. It's basically just a high level view of Model X prices and options with a link to the video walkthrough of the design studio. If you have any feedback on it...
  3. M

    48 amps or 72 Amps... Why should I get either?

    OK. I am a Naval Architect, not an Electrical engineer. Besides the obvious... "72 Amp charger can get you to charge faster", why do I need a 72 Amp charger? Why does Tesla say that 110 and 220 charge times wont change? Is that because I wont pull more than 48 amps off the basic home...
  4. Doogue

    Want My Model X Reservation? It's ready to configure now!!

    Hi all - I love the Model X. However, I don't need a 2nd car right now. My wife and I don't have kids and have relocated to NYC, so a 2nd ultra roomy vehicle like the X doesn't make sense for our needs. We'll be just fine with our 2014 Model S P90! I'm reservation #64 and was invited...
  5. engle

    Production X Configuration Options and Pricing Thread

    I created this thread in anticipation of "We will invite that next group of reservation holders to configure in the next few weeks" -- that's Production reservationists since all the Sigs have already been invited -- which would be no earlier than tomorrow (10/21/15) unless they are on Tesla...
  6. Nixter

    Model X Feature request thread - (to be seen by Tesla Motors and perhaps acted upon.)

    A place to post your wish list of things you'd like to see included in the Model X. (Some day.) It is probably too late for any additional features to be added on the first release of the Model X, but Tesla does have a habit of adding wanted features later on, so why not let your wishes be...
  7. ck1116

    Model X optional tailpipe speaker and fog light speakers

    I am sometimes worry EV too quite that pedestrians and people riding bicycle can't hear the car is coming. I suggest Model X to add imitated tailpipe or fog light which is actually speakers. It can produce V8 or V12 engine sounds, or maybe automatically activated when moving objects nearby are...