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new 7 seat

  1. L

    Risk in completely replacing 2nd row bench in 22’ MXLR? Tesla offered to do this as they cannot remove sticker stains @ delivery..

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone on this form has a point of view on whether or not there is any material risk in completely replacing 2nd row bench in 22’ MXLR (this is a 7 seater, 3 weeks old). Tesla offered me the following options: 1. They will order and replace the 60/40 bench seats as...
  2. Crueger2312

    Asking for some advice as a new buyer

    I am brand new to this community! I put a deposit down for a Model Y last night and I must admit I'm feeling... bittersweet about it. As happy as I am about purchasing a Tesla I cannot help but think, "Am I making a mistake?" I have been dying to get a Tesla for several years, especially in...
  3. BLKMDL3


    Went to the store while I was on a trip to Boston and they had the new 7 seater in the showroom. Vin in 55,900s. The seats slide forward a little to ease entry but not much. What do you guys think? There is a hidden button on the second row seat like on the third row. It was much more cramped in...