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  1. H

    WTB: Tesla 21" Turbine, Dual Turbine or Arachnid wheels. Syd, NSW

    Hi all, As topic states, looking to purchase a set of 21" Turbines/Arachnids in the sonic grey colour, with or without tyres. Preferably in NSW. Thank you,
  2. P

    Mobile Connector at Miranda Tesla store?

    Hi, I'm picking up our new Model Y RWD at Tesla in Miranda, NSW next week. Does anyone know if they normally have UMCs in stock there, or should I order one online? Thanks, Patrik
  3. pssturges

    Applying for NSW EV rebate

    Hi, Probably overthinking this or something. Picked up my M3RWD the other day so now applying for the $3000 NSW EV rebate. The process seems mostly pretty simple until it asks for “Copy of the proof of registration entitlement”. I’ve already provided rego papers at an earlier question, so...
  4. d3lerium

    Charging - South Coast (NSW)

    Hey fellow drivers! Heading to Mollymook via Batemans Bay, from Canberra this weekend. Whilst I won't need a charge there, I will need one on the return trip. What are the charging options like around Batemans Bay, anyone done a trip down recently? Cheers
  5. Maximillan

    Best NSW e-tag mounting location for Model 3

    I've traditionally mounted my e-tags on the windscreen but I wanted to check in with others whether there are better mounting options? Can I leave it in storage under the arm rest and it still beep reliably? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
  6. X

    Tesla for P Plate NSW

    Hi, I am on my P1 and I've seen on the Vehicle Restriction page that the 2017 Tesla Model X 60D is allowed to be driven by P1 in NSW. However, I couldn't find any new or old stock for sale. Do you guys know a way to get one as I am really into tesla. Or is there some reason that I'm missing out...
  7. Random206

    Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally

    Previously we ran the super successful ‘The Silent Highway’ - EV Rally, today we announced the next journey, the Brisbane to Byron - EV Rally! If you’re interested in attending, please visit the link below and mark yourself as coming along! The last one garnered plenty of positive feedback and...
  8. TesAus

    NSW Drive and lunch - 18 June

    Hi all, If anyone is interested there is a Sunday Drive and lunch coming up. Need to sign up by the 10th if planning on coming along. TOCA NSW Event - A classic from the future
  9. D

    Price increase?

    Looks like the base price for a Model S in Australia has increased. Previously a NSW delivery Model S 60 with no options was 118k with no referral code. Today I see it is 124k.