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oem tires

  1. R

    For Sale: Model 3 Performance OEM Wheel set (Silver with tires)

    Hey folks, I am looking to sell my used original Model 3 Performance wheel and tire set. These are the 2018 OEM wheels in 20" that came with the Model 3 Performance at delivery. Indeed the set is decently used, on two of the wheels there is some curb rash. The tires have lots of tread left and...
  2. A

    Like New Model Y OEM Tires (Continental 255/45R19) (Philadelphia)

    For sale: (4) Continental ProContact RX Grand Touring All-Season tires, 255/45R19 104W XL (ContiSilent) in like new condition — specifically driven-23-miles condition. I picked up my 2021 Model Y in Devon, PA, on Monday 14 December with 6 miles on the odometer, drove 17 miles to my local shop...
  3. Leeon

    OEM Model 3 Performance 20” tires for sale

    Selling two 235/35/30 Michelin PS4s Acoustic. Tires have 90% thread remaining. $300 for 2
  4. bchan911

    19" Gemini vs 20" Induction

    Wow! It's fast paced in the world of Model Y configuration :D, changes every few weeks to keep us on our toes! Echoing other users thoughts of the induction wheels complimenting the chrome delete on the Y. For an additional $2600 Cdn though, I need to weigh function vs aesthetics. Question...
  5. A

    Model 3 19” Sport Wheels With Tires & TPMS Sensors For Sale - Used <400 Miles

    I am selling my 19” Sport wheels from my Model 3. I just received the car in December, and I replaced the wheels after about 370 miles. They are in perfect condition with no imperfections. The tires are basically brand new. Looking to sell for $2,300 + shipping cost to you. I don’t have pictures...
  6. F

    99.9% new OEM Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires full set Model 3 Tesla

    I am selling a full set of 4, basically new OEM tires, Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45/18 tires, with only 30 miles of use. The only use is going home from the dealership and to my local tire shop the very next day for removal. I just wanted a more summery tire living in Phoenix. These are the...
  7. G

    Model 3 Performance OEM tires for sale

    Removed at 41 miles on 5/16/2019 Changed to AS - live in snow belt. Asking $1250.
  8. G

    Model 3 Aero wheels $750, OC - Local pickup

    Selling OEM 18 wheels - taken off at 6,500 miles - tread: two s @ 7/33, two @ 6/32 - one wheel has very light curb rash (picture) - some wheels have small rubber marks on the inner lip (behind cap) from the tire mounting tool needing elbow grease to remove (picture) - one Aero cap has small...
  9. antioco

    Tesla Model X Silver 20” OEM Rims and Conti All Seasons 170km $3,500.00

    I'm selling a set of brand new Model X factory silver rims and Continental Cross Contact All Season tires. 265/ 245 Rear/ Front staggered set up. My new X was driven from Oakville Ontario Tesla and to my shop and I swapped out the factory rims for black rims and snows. They only have 170 km on...
  10. L

    OEM Tesla Stock 19" Rims for Sale

    Selling a set of OEM Tesla 19" Slipstream wheels with Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 tires. Set has less than 500 miles on it with all four of the wheels in brand new condition. $1,499.00 + shipping. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  11. DIL

    New 19” slipstream OEM wheels never used

    Brand new set of 2018 Tesla 19” standard equipment Model S wheels. New Goodyear tires and latest TPMS. No scuffs, scratches or curb rash. I had these removed within an hour of taking delivery of my March 2018 car, which had 12 miles on the odometer. Local pickup in Danville, CA. Please make...
  12. T

    FS: 21" OEM Grey Wheels & Tires - Nor Cal

    I’m selling an original set of 21” Grey OEM wheels and tires. 16 photos can be seen here - 21" OEM Wheels & Tires They were given to me as part of a lease assumption on my 2015 70D. The car came with 19’s so I no longer need these. Previous owner bought them new from Tesla – a $6,000...
  13. G

    FS: Tesla Model S 19-inch OEM Wheels and Tires - Set of Four

    I'm selling a set of nearly new Tesla Model S OEM 19-inch wheels with Michelin Primacy MXM4 (245/45R19 98W M+S) low-rolling resistance tires. Tire-pressure-monitoring sensors (TPMS) and center caps are included. The tires have less than 10,000 miles on them, were made on the 27th week of 2015...
  14. pl804

    WTS: 19" OEM classic wheels and tires – $750 – Pick up in Palo Alto

    Maybe you're looking for a smoother ride. Came off of my Model S @ ~20K mi. when I switched to winter tires. Selling b/c I plan to ride the winter tires until the 21" Arachnids arrive. Last measurements I have from a Service Center visit a few mos. back put the tread at 6/32 on all tires...