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open chargeport

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    Question about an old thread - Open ChargerPort

    I'm trying to replicate this post --- Open ChargePort https://github.com/mstegen/Open-Chargeport Mainly looking at Si4010 version in that post. Below is my schematic: Only difference between original design and this is the IC variant. Mine is 10 Pin original is 14 Pin. I have downloaded the...
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    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    Will charge port open when phone is in car with me and the port is touched by brushes when the M3 is in neutral?
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    Model S Charge port Opener (from outside the car)

    Hi, As I don't use the mobile connector but type2 cable (hence not port opener on the cable), I have been looking for a solution to open the charge port from outside the car and found this Tesla Model S Open Charge Port Afstandsbediening - YouTube...
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    Open ChargePort

    Open Chargeport What is it? As the name suggests, it's a transmitter that will open the charge port of a Model S. Last week I received my EU spec model S, and charged a few times with the cable Tesla supplies with the car. The button to open the Charge port door, really is a nice feature...