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  1. B

    Charge limited to 16/48a

    I have Tesla model 3 (2018) and gen 3 wall connector. I noticed my car not charging at full speed this week and have tried troubleshooting by turning off and on breaker connected to wall connector, resetting M3, turning down amps on car then turn back up to 48a. I’m not sure what else to trial...
  2. L

    I try to use model Y to visit website

    I see someone use model Y to visit the website(Which Device do You Normally Use to Visit Our Community?), but right now we can't use full screen, it just displays 2/3 of the screen, Does Tesla plan to OTA to full screen for better user experience? I would recommend this next OTA upgrade. If...
  3. E

    Firmware & Software Update Frequency

    How frequently does Tesla do firmware (operating system) and software (apps etc) updates? I assume firmware is much more infrequent than software? Additionally, does anyone know if the 2012 Model S is still being updated at all? Atleast maintenance security patches etc?
  4. primo

    Model 3 Getting 5% Power Increase via OTA Update! 3% for S and X

    Telsa reported earning yesterday. I just found this little nugget while reading the Q3 earnings transcript. 5% power increase coming in over-the-air update in the next few weeks for Model 3 owners, 3% increase for Models S and X! Elon Musk "I forgot to mention, we're also expecting there's...
  5. 5_+JqckQttqck

    Update V44.1 - Thoughts and comments?

    Just got this pushed through LTE (thanks to a crappy wifi at home). What's the major changes? Coming from 39.x Haven't had time to hop in as it is work time :). Please let me know thank you!