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part catalogue

  1. Z

    Tesla part numbers (1234567-00-A)

    I have read online about the issue of what the part numbers are and so far this is what I have found the first 7 digits are used as the actual part number and that will differ mainly between different years, for example when the MCU changed from Nvidia to Atom. The last letter is normally the...
  2. C

    Replacement retaining clips for frunk cowling?

    Does anyone know a part number, link to purchase, or 3D print file for the retaining clips that hold the model y frunk apron / cowling to the siding shown here? I’ve got a broken one, and I anticipate needing to replace these more than once. Thanks!
  3. lunitiks

    Parts Catalog - Open for general access

    https://epc.teslamotors.com/ Hit the "General Public" button. You're welcome :)
  4. cstromme

    Seems there are big changes coming with vehicles produced after October 21

    From the part catalogue ("October 21, 2017 through Current Production", previous was - "October 14, 2016 through Current Production"): - New part number for the MCU (same part for S and X now.) - New part number for front lights. - Automatic circuit breakers for the 12V system. - Redundant power...