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  1. L

    Pet door protectors

    to all the pet owners, we bought the Tesla seat and door protectors (and another set on Amazon for our other vehicle) and they are great but the door guards that slide between the door and the window keep coming out. Does anyone have a better option, either for this style or an alternative ? I...
  2. R

    There are two improvements to the Cybertruck that can easily make it a lot better.

    The first improvement would be to make their tailgate sealed. Most tailgates let water, dust and even insects through the clearances into the back of the bed. Unfortunately some users use the cargo box area to transport dogs and stuff that might want to be clean. Take the truck on the dusty road...
  3. M

    Model 3 dog mode

    I was in an area without wifi to my model 3 and my phone It was 85 degrees and the car was hot inside without ventilation I couldn't reach the car with my phone to turn on the ventilation system. So I was stuck sittin in the car with my pet unable to leave my dog Because of the heat There...
  4. L

    Pet Barrier for Model S

    I have a Tesla Model S70 and a 40 pound dog who would love to jump over the trunk and ride up front with me. Does anyone know if Tesla (or any other manufacturer) makes a barrier that would keep "Ollie" in the trunk area or, of I were to fold down the back seats, something that would keep him...
  5. SSD420

    Dogs in Model X - best way to keep clean & scratch-free

    Since a ton of us have dogs, I have a question for everyone... I just got my Model X 36 hours ago, I sold my ICE vehicle yesterday but forgot that my dogs have to go to the dog walker's next weekend - and I have to take them. I'm petrified to let my dogs in my brand new, exceptionally clean and...