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power off

  1. Fernand

    Model 3 No longer powers down to reboot?

    I used to do a full reboot after some upgrades by putting my phone in airplane mode, and sitting calmly in the car after tapping "power off" on-screen. You could hear mirrors fold, everything gradually power off, then contactors clunk release after about 2 minutes. After waiting another minute...
  2. SteelSully

    Full headlight failure - corrected by 'power off'?

    Hello, I have a June 2016 MS75 and in late August 2019 I noticed that my driver's side headlight assembly wasn't turning on (this includes the LED DRL, blinker & HID). Since we were on a family roadtrip to Maine when this happened, I attempted every trick I could think of to fix it and found...
  3. gnuarm

    Shut Down While in the Car

    I was trapped in a backup on I-40 the other night around 9 PM. Reports of a rock slide indicated the road would be closed all night. This stretch of road does not provide any way to cross over to the other direction so I'm thinking I'll be there all night. I tuned off the car through the...
  4. Electric Joe

    Day 11, a little switch fails and my new car is unuseable!

    Executive summary: If you drive a Model S, X or 3 and the brake lights won't turn off, take this very seriously, because you might be in for a major inconvenience, or even long term battery damage. My Model 3 was working great (except for the defective turn signal stalk and intermittently...