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pre-owned model s

  1. D

    Pre-owned Title/Registration Nightmare...

    I recently (12/10/2019) bought a pre-owned Model S from Tesla. I live in Kentucky but drove to Sanford/Orlando to take delivery and drop-off my trade-in. It's one-month later and I still can't Title/register my car. When I took delivery, I was given a packet of information that the Tesla store...
  2. Tezla1

    Help me: Buy a Used Model 3 or Used Model S?

    Hi, I am long time BMW owner and currently drive a '17 340i. I'm facing a decision between buying a used M3 or a used MS. So, which one should I buy? what is the best place to buy a used Tesla? Ebay any good? If I buy a 2014 MS, will the autopilot work just as good as a 2018 M3? Here's my...
  3. thesnooch

    SoCal - Potential CPO Buyers

    I have established a good relationship with a CPO Sales Advisor in the Southern California area. I found my CPO experience to be great, and much faster than the horror stories that are on here. It took 1 week from deposit to delivery for my 2015 MS60. If you are in the market for one, and are...
  4. E

    Feeling misinformed on my CPO order (substantive previous damage) -- what should I do?

    So... the time had finally come. After months of searching EV-CPO and carefully watching all of my custom alerts, I'd found a CPO that matched exactly what I was looking for (the day after it was added). The CPO specialist I'd been working with gave me a call about it as well, saying he thought...
  5. J

    Model S 60 with autopilot for sale

    Hello everyone. I am looking to sell my White Tesla Model S 60 with Autopilot. The car has 26k miles on it and comes with free unlimited supercharging, the premium package, a sunroof, and grey leather seats. It has a very small ding on the front right door as can be seen in the photos. Message...
  6. X

    Ordering inventory car vs custom order

    Hello, We live near Baltimore, MD and I was working with a sales advisor in DC but looks like she left Tesla. I talked to the new rep and he was helping me get a Model S. When I asked him to check on inventory models for the P60D with the configuration I was looking for, he said he couldn't find...
  7. tanner

    Best Medium for Selling Used Model S?

    Tesla CPO low-balled me for my perfect condition P85 (stats in sig) with VERY low milage (6,800). I'd like to hear from some people who have experience selling their past Model S vehicles, if possible. Thanks!
  8. igotzzoom

    For Same Price: CPO Model S or New Model 3?

    Looking over the going rate for pre-owned Model S cars, It got me to thinking what the market prices will be for current-year Model S units compared to new Model 3s in around 2018. My question for you guys is assuming they're around the same price, would you rather have a CPO Model S, or a new...
  9. hughconn

    Did you buy a used Tesla Model S?

    I know many Model S owners who are trading up to the new P85D, or who would if they could sell their current Model S for what they owe, or thereabout. I see for sale many Model S vehicles, especially on this site. I am interested in hearing from people who purchased a Model S used. I'm...