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price hike

  1. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery (Pre hike price & $3000 credit 6 seats upgrade)

    Hello, Summary: looking to sell MX Plaid reservation best offer (registration info not entered yet). Details: - $123,490 base price/config (White exterior, black interior, 20" wheels) It was ordered as 7 seats and Tesla is going to give free upgrade since Plaid only comes with 6 seat now for...
  2. DIL

    Options package - change spotting

    Fresh off the truck in Dublin today...New MS 100D's with refreshed rear seat had this funny line item on the window sticker: "Premium interior and lighting" for $5000. So looks like they will be adding $1700 to the leather package. Just another reason to get the textile.
  3. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  4. slyastro

    Imminent Model X price hike in the US!

    There is solid info that a price hike is coming! Anyone has more details? TESLA MODEL X: Price increase imminent in the US and pricing for Canada | EV And More