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  1. S

    Model 3 external sensors

    I have a question about the 'proximity sensors' on the rear bumper of the Model 3. I've noticed when driving that vehicles that show on my main screen which are in-front and on either side of my car show up as solid picture representations, while the vehicle/s directly behind me flicker and...
  2. M

    Can I disable my wipers auto start when I get close to my garage front wall?

    When i pull into my smallish garage I have to get real close to the front wall ~4" away. At about 6" away the windshield wipers come on automatically? Is this 'by design'? Is there any way to disable this? I don't want it because it startles me and other family drivers and it could scratch the...
  3. GolanB

    Phantom Follower and Obstructions

    This morning during my drive into the office, I seemed to be "followed" by a phantom person. "He" was behind me during a portion of my stretch, and would reappear when traffic slowed to a stop - It was somewhat amusing - it was if I had a new friend! Driving conditions were busy, and there...
  4. BridgeMojo

    False parking chime at crosswalks

    I have a recurring issue when I pull to a stop at an intersection, and the proximity alarm chimes two or three times, until I continue forward into the intersection -- plowing through whatever imaginary obstacle was there. I know the proximity alerts are done with sonar, but it gives an...
  5. Dana1

    Summon cancelled when hand over proximity sensor...

    I was playing with Summon, and it works great, though I got an error message. It said Summon cancelled due to hand being over proximity sensor on phone. This confuses me a bit. I understand the car is linked to the phone but I don’t understand the bit about a proximity sensor.