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  1. X

    Help Pick Tires! 2020 MX LR+ - 22 inch Rims

    Hi, I have spent hours upon hours looking for the best tires for a 2020 MX LR+ 22 Inch Rim Tires and would really appreciate any guidance. Below are some key facts: Drive in 20% rural roads, 40% highway, and 40% suburban driving North Carolina - Rarely see snow More of a run...
  2. P

    Does the rim (not size) make any difference in the ride quality?

    So, I recently traded in a 2016 85D for a new 2020 Long Range Model S with staggered 21" Twin Turbines with Continental ContiSportContacts. The 2016 85D originally had non-staggered 21" Turbines with Continental ContiSportContacts. Through the referral program I obtained 21" Arachnid rims with...

    Quiet Package?

    Like many of you I own and "love" my 2018 Model 3 but I want more cargo space so I have a Y on order. However I have found my M3LR to be quite loud as compared to my 2016 BMW X3 SUV. I drive the same route from Bellingham, WA to the Skagit Regional airport several times a week and with my M3 I...
  4. P85dream

    Tesla factory Aerodynamic Wheels (Aero Wheels) & Tires

    Tesla factory 19" Aerodynamic Wheels (Aero Wheels) with Michelin Primacy tires Excellent Condition. Came with recently purchased Tesla CPO car. About 700 miles on tires, mostly from drive down from Tesla factory to So. Ca. Hoping for local sale/pickup (Huntington Beach, CA). My tire shop...
  5. R

    A bird took a joy ride on my family's Model S

    Bird Takes Joy Ride on Tesla Model S