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rear window

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    Rear Defroster not working

    Tesla Model 3. Rear Defrost on the window isn’t working any longer. I did have my windows tinted when I got the Tesla and it worked fine for over a year. Now, Tesla is saying it voids the warranty and it will cost me $1000 for them to fix it. Anyone know of any other remedies that don’t cost...
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    Rear wifi and cellular antennas peeling off glass!

    Aloha! I noticed some of the antennas and rear window defrost lines were peeling off of the window on my 2018 mosel 3 . I contacted Tesla and they agreed to warranty it, but the only replacement windows they have have a black tint and mine has an iridescent reddish Violet tint both rear and...
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    stock model Y rear window tint on the outside?

    I appear to have a tear on my Model Y rear window tint. Isn't window tint normally put on the *INSIDE* of the window? I feel the tint hole on the outside. (This is stock Model Y tint.. not aftermarket). Anyone else notice this? I assume it will be considered a user problem, not covered by...
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    Defroster tape damage

    What is the tape covering the defroster edge in the back? Recently had my model tinted and it looks like maybe the tinter try to peel it off when he tint the rear window in one piece. Should I leave it alone or ask SC to take a look at it. Anyone else have the same issue after getting their M3...
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    Winter Driver: Extremely hazardous

    Last week, I drove from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe. Above 5000 feet, it was snowing (heavy flurries), snow on the surface, temperature 29-31F, on a two lane highway (US50). We stopped for 2 hours while an avalanche was cleared, and then resumed travel in the dark. Soon, the road was barely...
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    Thinking about tinting the windows but leaving out the rear panel.

    I recently received a quote for window tinting and discussed several options with the installer. Option #1 Tint all side windows and use one piece to cover the most rear portion of the rear glass to the farthest defroster line. Option #2 Tint all side windows and use larger piece to cover the...
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Last night we were out for dinner with friends who have a M3 on order and our MS was involved in a smash and grab through the small side window in the rear. It's a favorite way for perps to open the rear seat/s and look to see what's in your cargo area when deciding if it pays for them to spend...