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ride sharing

  1. E

    Money for EAP/FSD worth it for robo taxi?

    I’m looking at buying a M3 and trying to figure out the best financial decision for autopilot (more features = more money). It’s not super important to me right now to have full autopilot as I don’t mind driving, especially in a car as fun as a Tesla! But I’m wondering with Elon’s vision of...
  2. A

    Uber and Lift leaving California, potential opening for a RoboTaxi fleet?

    It's been big news today, a new California law is requiring ride-sharing companies to treat their drivers as employees, not contractors, and apparently Uber and Lyft have both decided to stop service in California instead of complying with the law. It's a little early, but if Tesla can start...
  3. Brando

    Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation

  4. A

    Ride sharing for car lovers!

    Hello there! This is And from PA. I'm an ex-road test editor and a true fan of Tesla. Back in 2016, we filmed the first Model S test drive in Turkey: (I sit on the passenger seat) I'm also the founder of Steerr and just signed up to let you know about this new service. Ride sharing is not...
  5. AssortedBread

    Tesla MiniBus Design

    Took a crack at a Minibus Design. Will post more pictures (Interior Design/layout, Door Mechanism, front/back view) But forget about that for now, let's talk about what we have here. Tesla seams to have a 1950s design vibe going on, this is best seen in their current supercharger look and model...
  6. databen

    Tesla vs Uber: Battle for Our Self-Driving Future

    I did some research on the battle to win our self-driving future between Uber and Tesla. Here is what I found -
  7. D

    Shedding some light on the Tos is the fully autonomous cars.

    Hello all, I am wondering if you all could help shed some light on a question I am having troubles answering. I am considering getting myself a Ms 60d with AP enabled (Not fully autonomous enabled ) and I know you cannot use an "autonomous" car for ride sharing. I was considering using my car...
  8. ludicrousspeed

    Speculative Tesla Segments

    *Preface: this discussion is purely speculative. I think Tesla should only be valued on the products/services they have officially announced and sold to date* Tesla being "only a car company" is its biggest misconception. Their mission statement is to transition the world to sustainable and...