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route planning tool

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    Trip/Route Planning Software/Apps - Thoughts?

    New to the Tesla world and was wondering people's thoughts, recommendations, etc. on the different trip/route planning options out there. So far, I'm aware of ABetterRoutePlanner.com on the web, the EVTO app on my iPhone, and the Nav/Maps that come standard on my S. I also see a bunch of other...
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    EV route planning and navigation app

    Building an app called Electrip that can plan your route for you using both Tesla Superchargers and every other charger. Electrip is going to take care of choosing the best route, which stations you should stop at based on your battery status, and will update as the status of your conditions...
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    Tesla route alternative charger calculator

    having made several 1000 mile trips recently, I realize I need help planning help. 1- super chargers placement often adds 5 to 30 miles to my journey. 2- some legs require charging start At 50 % , some at 14% 3- I know the charge rate varies with state of charge - but if this were solely due...