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  1. rdskill

    Map Correct, But route is wrong!

    FSD v11.4 It's been months since the new divergent diamond overpass was completed in Boca Raton, FL where Glades Road and I-95 intersect. The map reflects this correctly now. Shown below with my intended route highlighted in yellow. The 2nd image shows the heads-up view and planned route the...
  2. joexn

    Cable routing from cabin to frunk

    Hi all, I'm looking to route a cable from inside the cabin (ideally passenger footwell) to the 12V battery in the frunk. The cable needs to somehow get from inside the car to the frunk but I cant find any schematics online. I'm hoping there is a nice access grommet behind some of the carpet...
  3. S

    How to make the Navigation more accurate

    Hey folks. I love the layout of our navigation, but the accuracy has a lot to be desired. My navigation doesn’t recognize some main roads, particularly when they go under a highway overpass, and makes it nearly impossible for the system to route in the most direct and efficient manner. This...
  4. Joe F

    Road closure routing PSA

    Interesting: I95 detours through I95 in South Carolina due to hurricane Florence flooding are not being handled properly by Google maps, Waze or the online Tesla trip planner as of 9 AM today. All happily route through the closed road segments. Waze from my location just says "no route found."...
  5. M

    12Volt trunk/Frunk Cable Routing on 3D.

    I have a project goal to add 12Vdc power ports to both the Frunk and Trunk areas. I have seen @Ingineer's videos regarding harvesting the available tap on vcLeft. Was wondering the following: Does anyone have experience/insights into optimal cable routing paths to bring 12Vdc to the frunk and...