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san jose

  1. L

    Looking to trade my NEW 21" Uberturbines for 20" Inductions (San Jose)

    I'm picking up my MYP in a few days and was looking to see if anyone wanted to swap or trade their 20" Induction Wheels + Tires for my 21" Uberturbines + Tires before I put too many miles on it. Your wheels / tires preferably have low miles and no damage. Located in San Jose.
  2. Baytomax

    California, LA to San Jose - 1st trip (need advice!)

    Hello everyone! About to be the future owner of a SR+ in the next two weeks!!! For context: I make the drive up to San Jose/Bay Area every two months. I currently drive an ICE and I'm able to make the trip on one tank of gas without any issues. I don't make any stops on the way. I always put on...
  3. Haxster

    WTB 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Tires for Model S

    Prefer wheels in good condition from a facelift Model S, with TPS, tires with good tread, and within 100 miles of San Jose, CA.
  4. mociaf9

    Supercharger - San Jose, CA - Holger Way (LIVE 7 Nov 2020, 14 urban stalls)

    Found and reported on /r/TeslaMotors by /u/MsNewKicks: New Chargers Spotted at North San Jose Target : teslamotors Imgur picture album: North 1st Target Chargers What: 14 new urban superchargers and 4 L2 stations currently under construction at the Target right off CA-237 (Southbay Freeway)...
  5. J

    Black Semi-Gloss 21" Arachnid Wheels + Tires for Sale

    SF Bay Area - $5,000 OBO: sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/wto/d/campbell-semi-gloss-black-tesla-model/6839238259.html
  6. SSCustoms

    Vendor Silicon Valley Tesla Customization Poll

    The options below encapsulate some of our most popular services, a lot of which were added to this Tesla Model X. Our question to you, is when you purchased your new Tesla, what did you want to do to it? For example, did you settle for a non-ideal color because the wait time was so long? How...
  7. chibi_kurochan

    Model S All-Weather Mats

    Model S All-Weather Interior Set floor mats for sale. In great shape, even has original box and packaging. Asking for $190 + shipping from San Jose, CA.
  8. T

    OEM 19" Slipstream Wheels + Goodyear Eagle Touring Tires set (only 2K miles)

    I'm selling the OEM 19" Slipstream wheels that came with my 2017 Model S, along with the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. They only have 2,000 miles on them so the treads and wheels are practically brand new. Only one of the wheels and its tire has a small bit of curb rash that I think can be...
  9. NarTaX

    (4) Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 tires (San Jose)

    4 almost new Goodyear Eagle Touring 245/45R19 tires taken off a 2017 Model S with 34 miles. These are TO spec tires with foam lining. I'm asking $600 for all 4 with local pickup in South San Jose. Will consider shipping for extra but I won't be able to ship them for another week or two.
  10. S

    San Jose, Calif forming its own Community Choice Energy program

    We were at a meeting a month or so ago for the SVCE program (Silicon Valley Clean Energy) and at that point we were told San Jose had not signed on yet with them. They were hoping they would join the rest of the cities in Santa Clara Valley but it wasn't a given. In the news today was a story...