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  1. C

    $hadow file and the China Positioner

    Relatively new here. There's a certain file in each Tesla vehicle that contains passwords that give total access to your car. Given the high stakes positions the two greatest world powers hold against one another, would you care if that file contained an entry "chinapositioner" with a specific...
  2. R

    Two new features none of us know about

    Barron's summarized a research report from Trip Chowdry ( Tesla: The Tweets Have It - Stocks to Watch - Barrons.com ) and in it Trip says "There are still at least 2 new features in Model X, that none of us know about" Not quite sure how Trip knows that but........ let the rampant speculation...
  3. roblab

    Leilani's Gas Free Trip

    My wife FaceBooks; I don't. Probably for good reasons, but, at least she can keep me informed of all the important stuff. So I was interested to hear this morning that Leilani (Munter) drove gas free from Fremont to LA. Even more interesting was when someone asked her why she was in LA, and...