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  1. K

    Third Party Battery Replacement/Repair in Ontario

    I'm always worried that the battery will die out of warranty on the 2017 Model S 100D and I am not thrilled by the idea of paying $26K to Tesla service for a battery replacement. And I'm the type to believe that I should be my own insurer and save money for repairs (not like there are any good...
  2. moodel_tree

    Wrong Service Repair Solution?

    So, not sure if this is a 'common' Tesla thing, but when I collected my Model 3 last week the SA helped me log paint issues (chips & scratches) that needed to be fixed with the service option in the app. Now the unusual part is that Tesla have just quoted the repair (under warranty, so £0) and...
  3. quentinsf

    Camera dead on arrival?

    Got my shiny new Model 3 on Thurs and am delighted with it so far, except for one thing: the left-hand camera on the front wing seems to be dead. It doesn't appear in the camera views and i get a warning about autopilot camera being unavailable. Annoying that I didn't notice this before driving...
  4. CMc1

    UK - are you rotating tyres? + “servicing”

    Over 12k miles now and have seen people mentioning tyre rotations around the 10k mark. Is this just a US thing or worth doing? Was going to hold off to around 15k as mainly do motorway driving. anything else to keep on top of service wise, now I’m over 10k? (M3 LR)
  5. T

    Servicing & maintenance

    Thinking of getting my first ever Tesla by ordering the M3. Can I check are Tesla’s similar to engine cars in regards to servicing etc? How expensive are they? Where do you service a Tesla? Are repairs etc expensive? Where do you go to repair a Tesla? Thanks Andy
  6. .jg.

    Servicing lead times

    My local service centre (Bristol) says they are so busy, the earliest slot they have for a service is 6 weeks away (and longer if I need a replacement car during the service). I wondered if other service centres in the UK are this busy and if 6 weeks is a typical wait.