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  1. C

    Wheel Spacers and Wheel & Tire Configuration setting

    Hey all, I am using stock 255 45 19 with oem 19" Gemini wheels but i want to use 10mm front and 15mm rear wheel spacers. After this mod, should i switch Wheel & Tire Configuration setting to "staggered" one (because of rear wheel will poke out 5mm compared to OEM) or still remain at "square"...
  2. n.one.one

    Cabin Overheat Protection - Turn off @ home - Feature request

    Cabin Overheat Protection has an option to turn it off. I like to keep it on during the hot summer. Unfortunately when left on it keeps the vehicle from sleeping and leads to phantom power drain (not so phantom when we know what causes the drain). It would be nice if we had the option to turn...
  3. plasmo

    Blackvue Motion Detection settings

    I have my Blackvue hardwired into my Model S so it has constant power which is very nice. Surprisingly, it doesn't drain too much power but wanted to see what other people's Motion Detection setting sensitivity (in Parking Mode) is at. My camera captures too many videos of people walking by or...
  4. S

    FS: (Set of 4) Model S OEM Factory 21" Turbine Wheels w/Tires Less than 3k Miles - Will Ship

    Hi all, These came off my Tesla Model S, less than 3k miles, located in near Stamford, CT 06902. Will to ship at buyer' s expense. 4 - 245/35 ZR21 Continental Extreme Contact Tires 4 - 21" OEM Factory Tesla Model S Rims (Silver) Brand new $6k Price: $4k
  5. dprisoner

    Can't Set Trunk Door Height...

    I follow the instructions for setting the trunk door height, but it just continues to go full height - which I can't have it do in the garage. This means that the only door I can open in the garage is the driver's door, and if it ever rains (this is California after all) it means getting stuff...
  6. R

    Liftgate height setting

    Hi, Page 10 of the manual reads: 1. Open the liftgate, then lower it to the desired opening height. 2. Press and hold the button on the underside of the liftgate for two seconds until you hear a confirmation beep. 3. Confirm that you have set it to the desired height by closing the liftgate...