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  1. J

    Radio (DAB) service following no longer working?

    Service following is when you’re listening to a syndicated network like Heart, Capital etc and you leave one area it auto switches to a better signal. Sometimes it can even switch from DAB to FM if the FM version is stronger (although I don’t think Tesla have ever done this). It’s a standard...
  2. G

    Car Wifi Signal

    Hi, I just got my tesla model 3 performance recently, and the wifi antenna seems really weak. Does anyone know how it should be? For example if I go into the car and go on my phone and look at the wifi networks my phone sees, I can see 7/8 wifi networks of varying strength, some full...
  3. A

    Indicators go silent

    Hello everyone, Sometimes when I turn on the indicators on my Model 3 they go silent. I can still see that they're flashing, but I can't hear the noise that's associated with it! It doesn't happen a lot, but seems to be happening more often, is it something I'm doing? At first, I thought it...
  4. MichaelP90DL

    What about railroad tracks and FSD?

    I hope Tesla is giving some thought to rail crossings. FSD should be able to detect oncoming train alarms, such as when the gate comes down and signals are pulsing red lights. And some places still probably have those old-fashioned crossed boards to warn of the tracks. Would FSD recognize...
  5. S

    Routing with no traffic data

    Not sure if it is related to my masters update to v9.0 2019.20.2.1 but I cannot get traffic to load on the map and when using the nav I get the routing with no traffic data. Online routing is selected in options, I have tried reboots. I have 3G signal (tried in different locations) and Spotify...
  6. Plugsuvohio

    V9 Garage Door Signal Weak

    Could this be? MX90D AP1 20k Miles. Never experienced this on any routine basis. Used to be able to open them down drive near street, and always as I swing in to park no problem. Now if the door is closed, I nearly have to touch the door with the front of the car. It might be signal...
  7. Naonak

    18awg wire for HPWC Master/Slave

    I have installed a second HPWC in my garage and I'm upgrading my circuit to a 100a to feed both chargers. I plan on putting the signaling wire between the two - the manual calls for an 18awg TP shielded wire. Does anyone know what the best wire to use for this is? I have tons of CAT5e and CAT6...
  8. Plugsuvohio

    Wi-Fi grief continued

    I've written before about this and tried to read whatever I could find. It is driving me nuts that the MX (maybe S too) will not reliably connect to my network in the garage. I've been fighting this since August 2016 delivery and firmware changes through the latest with the ModelXmas egg...