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speed control

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    Sudden decreased max speed limit on highway

    I have some issues with my 1 month old Model 3. When I’m driving on the highway the max speed set on regular cruise control suddenly drops from 110km/h to 40km/h! Often the registered speed limit is lower than the actual speed limit, for example 80km/h on the screen instead of the real speed...
  2. A

    Can’t adjust speed on Autopilot

    When autopilot is engaged, I can’t adjust the speed using the scroll wheel or touchscreen. My work-around is to disengage AP and then reengage it at the desired speed. This is a new problem—used to be able to adjust the speed just fine. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    NHTSA Vehicle Speed Control Complaints

    We're fairly deep into our exploration of ordering an M3 LR. We still have some reservations related to various threads concerning manufacture defects. But here's the real issue holding us up right now. I saw a couple of articles about run-away acceleration and other speed control problems. So I...
  4. Beta V

    Latest Update (Feb 2019)--Something has changed (for the worse)

    When I got my latest update there was virtually no indication what had changed other than some (silly) "fireplace" BS Easter egg. Do not get me started on that thread again. No mention was made to changes in other areas except "bug fixes" or "upgrades." However, I have just been back to the...