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  1. J

    NJ EV Vehicle Rebate Budget Cut

    Saw this news break on Friday. Have a Model 3 ordered currently, hoping to receive in the next week or two. Wondering if I will still be able to receive rebate (cuts begin in 2021 FY, or effective immediately? NJ Planned to Help People Buy Electric Cars With a $5,000 Rebate. Now, Not So Much |...
  2. uscgreel

    Repair locations listed by state

    Over the past month I have been working with evfixme, and people like David Hofmann, Tom French, Paul Garcia, Your Tesla Solution to name a few to consolidate a list of people willing and able to make most Tesla repairs. If you need any repairs to your Tesla, check out our growing list...
  3. singleview

    What's the deal with the state/federal incentives?

    Hi folks. Got my Model S a bit over a year ago. I believe we are eligible for $7,500 income tax credit (federal) as well as $1,750 (PA State rebate, first 250 applicants). I submitted these when I filed my taxes last year. I did get the $1,750 from the PA State, but have not heard back at all...
  4. C

    EV Sales/Registration/etc tax

    From a tax perspective , i would like to know how much people in each state pay. Basically the amount other than what you pay TESLA. * State sales tax/ excise etc any kinda amount you pay while registering your car. * Taxes when buying used ev. * Taxes when buying from a private party. * Are...
  5. D

    New White House Petition to stop States from banning direct car sales

    Lets try to get this over the 100K mark ASAP, or at least close enough that it hits the news cycles prior to election day to give pause to any other "back room politics" elected officials, esp. this close to election day. If you agree with the petition, I encourage you to sign it right now (and...
  6. M

    Hotel Charging Directory

    AZ, Tucson, La Paloma Resort. There are two 30amp Tesla-branded chargers at this resort. The valet staff reports that they were installed by Tesla and the stalls have Tesla signage. On the forum, there are plenty of requests for information about charging locations at hotels, but I haven't...
  7. M

    Ways to Support Direct Sales of Tesla

    A bill that would have allowed direct sales of Teslas in Arizona just died in our state legislature and I am pissed. It offends my sense of what free-choice and capitalism means. I am aware that Arizona isn't the only state to deny direct sales. While efforts to correct this miscarriage...