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  1. R

    Tesla 3 Surges Backwards while Parallel Parking

    While parallel parking in reverse very slowly, my Tesla suddenly accelerated throwing me forward and striking the car behind hard. This caused considerable damage (mostly to the other car). My confidence is shaken. Suggested causes include a wheel being locked against the curb and suddenly...
  2. RachH

    Power Surge at Supercharger actually 'jerked' my car- Scary!

    Hello all! I was at the Manhattan Beach Supercharger the other day. I was near the end of my charging when my car actually jerked- like someone had bumped me. I was with a friend and we looked around and there was no reason for the car to have moved. Then my body felt tingly- like when you...
  3. fasteddie7

    Power flickered now odd behavior

    I got home from work and plugged in to my HPWC. I normally get 47/48 A 37 mph charge at 12kw an hour. In the middle of the night the wind was owing hard and the lights flickered on and off for about 10 seconds. I went out to the garage to check, and the car had some errors thrown up about...
  4. B

    charge conditioner ?

    About to get my wall connector installed very soon and the Tesla affiliated electrician is trying to upsell me into a very expensive charge conditioner ($1300) which he says will pay for itself or a surge protector ($400) on the line. I'm not aware of any power issues in my neighborhood in...
  5. P

    Model S/Lightning/power surge?insurance?

    Please excuse if this has been answered before; I tried to do a search but didn't find the answer. What happens to Model S if there is a power surge in my house? I have three very uneducated guesses: 1) Model S elegance has built in power surge protection of some sort like a fuse or like...