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  1. Chuq

    Showroom - Hobart, Tas

    Tesla job ads suggest a Tesla showroom coming to Hobart! No service related jobs listed yet, so it is probably just a basic sales focused centre. Our service ranger Will is doing a great job based on what other owners have had to say. No idea on the location yet - will keep an eye on recent...
  2. H

    Tasmanian M3 SR+ Trip

    Well, first long trip with the 2019 M3 SR+. Sydney to Tasmania, via the ferry, and back for SWMBO and me. No problems with the car or charging. Although got to Gundagai on the way back, with 18 km to spare. It was very cold. Had to slow down from 110km/h to 100km/h to make sure we made it. I was...
  3. Chuq

    Supercharger - Devonport, Tas

    As mentioned in TOCA's April member update: Obviously Devonport was selected because it is the gateway into the state for Tesla owners bringing their car across on the ferry... not because of it's thriving Tesla population :) Precise location isn't public yet, but I couldn't go past the...
  4. D

    Tasmania Trip

    I went to Tasmania for about 2.5 weeks over the christmas/new year period, here's some notes on the trip. Part 1: Canberra-Melbourne: Down the Hume in 40 degree heat, easy apart from a bushfire near Wodonga. Got redirected through some back roads. I dropped in to JetCharge headquarters to...
  5. Blue heaven

    Model S in Tasmania

    I have just read a story on ABC news concerning the motoring writer who took his Model S down to Tasmania and was unable to charge it, I'm sure there are better ways to highlight any lack of charging facilities on the Apple isle without giving the EV naysayers something to squawk about. Sorry if...