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tesla airbag light on

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    Tesla Maintenance Deployed Airbags During Inspections

    Hi everyone! Tesla service center deployed the passenger airbags during a check up and they have had the car for about 2 months. I am posting this question to see if anyone else has had similar experience or is well-versed with the Tesla Policy. Approximately 2 months ago I took my Model X...
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    Model S airbag light on continuously with no error code

    Having an issue with the airbag light coming on intermittently that is now on continuously. No faults showing when local EV garage has plugged it into their computer. No error code in the infotainment either. Tesla say I need to take it to them for diagnostics as they can’t find a problem...
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    Replacing Model S Passenger Seat - OCS & Airbag Light

    Replaced 2017 Model S front passenger seat due to a cosmetic issue (not impact related). We received a superseded seat from Tesla. After installing the front seat an airbag light came on. The seat is plugged in and working properly, meaning it adjusts like a seat should and tracks are...
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    Model S P90D Damaged Salvage

    Hi all first post as this is the first Tesla I’ve bought. Just bought a P90D Model S last week and have started stripping it down when it arrived home yesterday (4/7/19). It has some front damage but fairly high up not affecting the front bumper reinforcement bar or chassis legs. Air bags...
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    Tesla S Airbag light on.

    Hi, I have Tesla S that was restored from a front end collision and ever since I have the airbag light ON. I did replaced all the airbags, seats belts, reprogrammed SRS module and still have the SRS light on all the time. I did read my logs (screeshot attached) and it says: GATEWAY...