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tesla p85+

  1. Brycesail

    Old vs new

    Comparing my old 2013 Model S P85+ to the 2022 Plaid. So many little features have been updated it’s amazing it’s even the same vehicle
  2. Y

    Front Collision TESLA P85. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    Hi everyone. Im pretty new to this forum. I have red a few threats from here and that's about it. Recently I got TESLA P85 which was hit on the front. So the now we are working on the body repairs while doing some troubleshooting on the electric problems. Basically when i received the car, it...
  3. texex91

    Test Drove Today. Bought Today. Confirmed Today. Watch Out Austin....P85+

    Well before going any further. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of YOU. I have spent the last two weeks on the forum asking questions, reading, researching (you know the thing Telsa owners do :smile:). I kept hearing the same thing--"it's amazing". I'm thinking to myself what this Kool Aid tastes...