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top gear

  1. Jason71

    So what did we think of the Top Gear (TV show) M3 review then?

    I am not a Tesla owner (yet) or a total fan boy but it did seem to me that TG deliberately stacked the deck by: a) using a standing 1/2 mile instead of the standing 1/4 mile b) instead of racing around the full TG track with all 4 cars as they normally would, they pitted only the fastest of the...
  2. dfwatt

    Top Gear issue shows Model 3 DMP trouncing BMW M3

    I can't remember all the many times the various forums have had both Tesla owners and BMW owners/visitors both arguing that the BMW M3 would 'easily' beat the Model 3 DMP around the track. We've seen suggestions on Fastest Laps (not a highly reliable source) and more meaningfully in Randy...
  3. Dana1

    Top Gear reviews the Model 3

    He reviewed the exact car I ordered
  4. 1208

    Jeremy Clarkson: "The X is impressive, I liked it."

    I posted this in another thread on a different subforum, but I believe those wanting to buy an X might want to see it if browsing the forum. I will update this thread when the episode of the X on the Grand Tour is released.
  5. SwedishAdvocate

    Richard Hammond involved in Rimac crash

  6. mspohr

    Jeremy Clarkson joins Guardian drive for fossil fuel divestment

    "The disgraced former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has become the latest celebrity to support the Guardian’s campaign for fossil fuel divestment. Following what he described as a “dark night of the soul”, Clarkson said he hoped to “regain the trust of the British public” by dedicating his...
  7. T

    Mazda Furai

    Whatever happened to this car?