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  1. alnmurray

    Time of Use setting success

    Have you figured out how to enter the new Time of Use data for the new 194/195 rates from PSEG-Long Island? I’ve tried but failed several time. But on my last attempt I thought I try something different. I used an already created TOU rate plan an see if I could modify it. At first it was a...
  2. J

    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    My PW2s have been updated to 22.18 at some point in recent days / weeks. Last documented version is 22.9 in April Has anyone seen any changes as a result? I have a suspicion re the TOU off peak charging algorithm “trying” to be more frugal re using grid charging and therefore leaving more room...
  3. B

    Scheduled Charging Bug

    BACKGROUND: Time of Use Plan; off-peak hours 7pm-7am, weekends and holidays Assuming you have the car set to only charge off peak hours during the weekday (and not weekends also), I’ve experienced the following issue: - Car charges fine Thursday night off peak - Drive car Friday am, come home...
  4. G

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    I'd like to take advantage of off-peak hours for charging, obviously. But... In the settings, there is only one time that you can set; for when the off-peak hours end. But there is no setting for when they start? How does it know when to start charging? If you aren't going to leave until 2...
  5. T

    Can someone explain how the new schedule charging works?

    Can anyone explain how it works? I've set the end of my peak rates to be 6am. What happens if I plug the car in, at say, 5pm - right during peak rates?
  6. PhilRogers

    Model 3 Charging Question

    I'm a new Model 3 Owner. I have read the manual. I'm just confused about one thing, Scheduled Charging vs. Scheduled Departure. I'm still waiting for my utility, ComEd, to switch me over to hourly pricing. But they tell me their best rates are between 1 and 5am. So here's the question: I...
  7. E

    What's the best TOU plan w/SDG&E w/solar on house & M3

    I have an M3 that I charge exclusively at home. Just got solar for my house a few months ago. My electricity provider is SDG&E. Currently I am on the EV-TOU-5 electric plan.It was the best plan for me before I got the solar because, even though there is a $16 monthly service charge on that plan...
  8. R

    Modeling Solar + Tesla PowerWall Arbitrage

    There seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketplace on this topic. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to correctly model the financial benefits of adding a PowerWall to an existing Solar PV (photovoltaic) system. But now it’s possible, using “intraval data” and software from Energy...
  9. David29

    One year of experience on Eversource TOU rates

    I converted my home charging service to Eversource Time of Use (TOU) rates just about a year ago, so I thought I would report my experience over this first year. I have a separate electric service for charging my car so all the power on the meter is for car charging, except for a small amount...
  10. David29

    2017 Eversource TOU Rates are less advantageous than before

    I got my first electric bill of 2017 yesterday and was surprised to see that the rates had changed on January 1. I am in the Eversource Eastern MA territory (formerly NStar/Boston Edison) and recently started to use a Time of Use (TOU) rate service for charging my Tesla Model S. (I have a...
  11. E

    My experience getting a dedicated EV TOU 2 electric meter with SDGE in San Diego

    I thought I’d take the time to post about my experience getting a second dedicated TOU (time of use) meter with SDGE in San Diego. I researched extensively online to try to get information about people that had gone through the process but I didn’t have much luck at all with anyone that had...