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  1. R

    MX Recurring Half Shaft Problem

    Hi all, I've owned an MX since September 2018 (our second Tesla) and have recently passed the 50000km milestone. However, since delivery I have had recurring problems with vibration and grinding noises from the front transmission. So far Tesla has replaced the front half shafts 5 times and I...
  2. P

    Replacement Drive Unit fluid (atf-9?)

    The model 3 service guide calls the drive unit fluid "ATF-9". This does not appear to be a commercially available product. The exact description of the fluid is "ATF-9. SK Lubricant 422313 (part number 1135241-00-A)" Does anyone have any idea what fluid can be used in the drivetrain, or how to...
  3. M

    Audio levels sensitive to Drive-N-Reverse position - annoying

    It is fine that the audio volume is reduced when opening a door (typically in Park). I typically will transition to Neutral when coasting on an open road, then switch back to Drive when approaching an intersection. This saves energy. Unfortunately, the recent s/w upgrade reduces audio volume...
  4. Gwgan

    NL: More Electricty for twice the price

    I dont know if “twice” is accurate but basically a hydropower plant changes the direction of electricity sales between NL and the mainland and island residents have to pay more Hack the heat: How electric cars could change how we think about electricity, period How can green energy and EVs...
  5. M

    4WD can simulate 2-speed transmission, maybe?

    At the risk of sounding like just another loon with an idea on the internet, I was thinking that if you implemented a 4WD system with different final gear ratios in the front and back, it could effectively operate like a 2-speed transmission. At low speeds, all four wheels will drive the...