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tsla stock

  1. fallen888

    How high will it go?

    After a healthy rebound today, I'm sure many of us are looking forward to the Q3 earnings report release. How high do you think TSLA will go after the release?
  2. MSEV

    Buffett Comments Applied to TSLA

    Robert L. Bloch (H&R Bloch) is coming out with a book called, "My Warren Buffett Bible." In my local paper, given that I live in Omaha, where Berkshire Hathaway is and WB lives, there is a running Sunday morning article about bits and pieces surrounding WB. Four quotes of Buffett's were cited...
  3. Bulldog Kyle

    Vendor When to buy more stock?

    Hi. About a year ago I invested into Tesla for long term, but I now have the opportunity to purchase more stock again. Since I am in it for the long haul, I am thinking buy NOW! But with all of the knowledge on the TSLA threads it tends to get a little overwhelming. Even though I read up, check...
  4. Richard Benson

    Tesla Motors Inc has reported strong demand for its electric sedans

    Tesla misleading case of 12000 Missing Teslas ... Hedges & Co., Tesla Motors delivered 21,821 cars in the nine months ended September 31. In the same time frame, 9,331 sedans were registered. So how does the automobile maker account for the missing 12,490 cars? Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): The...
  5. callmesam

    Fourth Quarter 2013 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call - LIVE BLOG

    ​I will be live blogging the conference call at 230PM PST. If you have any thoughts or suggestions before we go live, please post them now. Here is the link to audio: Tesla - Events Presentations LINK TO REPORT...
  6. callmesam

    How Teslanaires Made Fortunes - anyone here a Teslanaire?

    How 'Teslanaires' made fortunes on Tesla Motors stock - San Jose Mercury News
  7. M

    Sold my MDX SUV, getting Model S ... for free?

    First, please excuse my English. I'm not the native English speaker. Two months back, I started to learn about Tesla. I'm fascianted about Elon Musk's story and Model S. That got me thinking. Since I belive in Elon and love the Model S, why not make some money while having fun driving. So...
  8. Jonathan Hewitt

    Newbie Options Trading

    First, before anyone laughs, I understand the title is an oxymoron. In my defense, everyone has to start somewhere and either get burned and quit or get better and keep going. The reason I am starting this thread is I've noticed lots of newbies asking questions in several other threads about...