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unintended acceleration

  1. S

    Model 3 slips forward when going up to parking lot

    Whenever I enter a parking lot that has an entrance with a slope that goes up, the car jerks/slips forward suddenly as soon as the front left tire enters the slope. Here is a photo of one of the parking lot. Is it the regen or traction control trying to do something?
  2. AlanSubie4Life

    PSA: Use PIN-To-Drive or Keycard if you have small children

    I want to make Model 3 owners with small children aware that there is a potential safety issue with the Model 3. Please communicate it to other Model 3 owners with small children, especially those who may not frequent these forums: The Model 3 can be shifted from Park to Drive AND accelerated...
  3. H

    Unintended/Over Acceleration Event

    Something that freaked me out a bit happened earlier today so I thought I'd share. I've already reported it to Tesla and they've escalated and are pulling the logs. I hopped into my Model 3 to head home from work, stepped on the brake and shifted the car into D to pull forward out of the...