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vanity mirror

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    Failed update…interior lights, hazard lights and voice commands don’t work

    So i live in an apartment and I don’t have access to public WiFi at work (hospital), so I normally install updates via hotspot. I downloaded the 2023.2.10 update on Saturday and installed it. The screen did not give me a warning or anything that it had failed but the hazard light button is not...
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    Model S Vanity Mirror Lighting Upgrade

    Hi All, No vanity mirror light for Model S? This is a pretty minor inconvenience but still a surprising one given the complexity of these cars. Has anyone looked into upgrading/modifying these mirrors to include a light? I'm imagining a battery powered (or solar-charged) LED as the hassle to...
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    Headrest shatters vanity mirror

    I was cleaning my car, and moving the driver's seat forward and up so that I could vacuum behind it. The plan was to move it as far forward and as far up as possible to get the as much access as I could to clean all the nook and crannies. Didn't expect the seat to move far enough to damage...