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  1. C

    Normal voltage drop in a house

    I've an issue in our house with voltage drop whilst charging. Background is: 2 electric cars BMW iX on a 7kW charger and a Model Y on a 13A charger. These are both timed to start charging at 23:30. For around that time we also have the Dishwaster and Washing machine timed to come on. The 3kW...
  2. J

    Uniden R3 radar detector

    i installed my uniden R3 on my model y last month. The volts showing on the radar is 15.4. When I run the same radar in my other cars, it says 13.5-14.4 volts. The radar works great in my non Tesla cars but when I put it model y, it doesn’t detect KA bands at all. Could it be that my model y is...
  3. MountainPass

    Vendor Motor Control 101

    Hi TMC! We have been working on this article in our spare time and wanted to share our nerdy interests with everyone. It looks like it formats well here, so we can share the entire article! Please don't hesitate to check out our blog for other interesting tech articles. Mountain Pass...
  4. G

    Very cheap CAN BUS reader with Arduino UNO, Battery Voltages Example

    Hi all, I have replied on different posts and thought it might be good idea to have a centralised place to put all info on how to read CAN bus from an Arduino UNO. The advantage of Arduino UNO + CAN BUS MCP2515 is that it's very cheap, you can get all components for around 10$ if not less...
  5. Matias

    Model S charge voltage at 100% charge

    Hi! Here http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries we can read that "every 0.10V drop below 4.20V/cell doubles the cycle" (I don't know whether that is a fact or not..). Do we know what Model S charge voltage at 100% charge is?