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web browser

  1. Transformer

    The "Large Text" option should also work in web pages

    The "large text" option is terrific, and it works on the web browser's query field but not on the page contents. That text is so small that I find it very difficult to read even while parked. (Prescription glasses make text sharper but not larger.)
  2. M

    My Browser won’t load any pages!

    Hello just bought a 2017 Tesla Model S about a month ago and the browser has never loaded. I’ve tried it using my home Wi-Fi and it just will never load a page. I’m on update 2022.8.10.8. I’ve tried resetting the screen and still nothing. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advanced!
  3. Y

    Tesla (OS) Browser - Parental control missing

    I am wondering if Tesla could put a parental control on the browser just like apple screen time has or Microsoft family time . It would be easy for them to implement.
  4. P

    Geolocation permanently removed from Web Browser?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to reactive the geolocation settings on the Tesla's web browser? It seems to no longer be available and it is no longer possible to work with websites that require the location permission? I wanted to overlay road works, hazards, on a web map and to refresh the location...
  5. EtherMN

    Browser locking up

    Why is my web browser always locking up when I’m parked and trying to view a chart on TradingView.com. It works for 30 seconds and locks up. The only fix is to reboot the whole system. Happens every time…
  6. mrfra62

    Update 2019.12.1.2 & crash scherm, websites & apps

    sinds de update 2019.12.1.2 crasht mijn scherm als ik de web browser gebruik. Niet alle sites doen dat. Maar bijvoorbeeld plugshare doet dat wel. Voor die update kon ik plugshare.com gewoon via de browser aan. De website tesla.plugshare.com geeft melding dat de browser niet compatibel is, maar...
  7. A

    Where can I find the Web Browser button / app?

    I have just taken delivery of my brand new Model X yesterday. It may be a dumb question but I just can't locate where is the web browser. Would some one please guide me thanks. Andy
  8. SomeJoe7777

    Tesla Winds and Elevation Web Browser App

    I've been a fan of mochouinard's Tesla Headwind Estimator for a long time. However, a problem is that the app relies on another web site to obtain the wind data, and that web site (and all others like it) will charge you if you obtain weather information from them too often. mochouinard ran...