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2021 M3P 20" Uberturbines with P-Zero tires (3.1 k miles, one wheel scratched), SF Bay Area

Selling all four Uberturbine wheels with the stock Pirelli P-zero tires from my 2021 M3P in the San Francisco Bay area. I couldn't decide on which wheels to swap them for, so i drove the car for 3100 miles before deciding. My new wheels arrive by the end of this week, so the Uberturbines are still mounted, but the moment my wheels are in, I'm selling ASAP.

Three of the four wheels are immaculate and in perfect condition. One of the wheels, however, (the front right) hit a small pothole at an awkward angle, so it has a scratch on it that clipped a little bit of rubber (this happened at around 2700 miles). There is no air leak and I continue to drive the car with no issues.. I will be selling the wheels+tires as is and have taken down my initial asking price due to the scratch and some rubber damage. If you have questions please message me, and if you're interested, the exchange will be cash only and in an open public place to ensure your safety and mine.

$2800 OBO


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