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2023 Model X Plaid - driver door

I recently took delivery of a new 2023 Model X Plaid. It has HW 4 and is on 2023.12.300 software. No beta FSD - no Summon - No auto park. All items that are “coming in future updates”.
One thing that I have noticed - when I use the controls on the screen to open the driver door - the door just slightly opens. This is different from my previous Model X - which seemed to open much further if nothing was in the way - it would also just open a small amount if there was something in its way. It was sort of “smart”.
Does anyone know why this was changed ? Is this a feature that is in future updates ?
Thanks - any input would be appreciated.
Hello there, same here with me. Bought new model x on may 2023 and the front door not opening wider but the model x I got January 2023 front door is normal and opening wider except if there’s something on the way. I went to dealer to complaint and the lead technician said that all model 2023 production is like that but hmmmm, why my January model is normal then?? I’m very confused and searching if it’s true.
I think it depends on whether the car has the Ultrasonic sensors or not. I believe they had dropped those from some production models and hoping to move to something using the cameras. I have read about it several times on these forums.
Yep, no ultrasonic sensors and that's why they open partially. Older models were able to do this. Seen a lot of complaints about this. I have a '22 MYP and the USS works flawlessly.
Removing the USS is the biggest drawback on purchasing a 23 vs slightly used 22 model. Didn’t they mention they were going to cut off the USS the older vehicles or another but the Musk story.