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Lease end billing error from Tesla

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So I turned my leased M3 in today. Was quite easy. They removed the license plates asked if the charging cord was in the car and off I went. That is the good news. Also signed the odometer statement.

The bad news is they decided to double bill me and even add an additional monthly lease payment.

On 2/22 when I had the inspection, that afternoon received a bill for the final 2 months of the lease, $395 disposition fee, and $340 for the rim rash on all 4 tires. I considered $85 per tire for the rim rash to be a good deal vs local repair.

So today, the day I turned the car in, about an hour later I received another bill from Tesla for an additional month lease payment, the disposition fee, and the rim rash repair. All paid on 2/22.

Their accounting/finance dept stinks. So after speaking with Tesla today, I had to email [email protected] to explain above. You have to watch these people!
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