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M3 for sale

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There are a lot of nit-packers here on TMC, but it would be nice for those of us considering a Model 3 to see your car and the conversation that results is not completely useless. I imagine the Tesla community on your island is the best place to advertise for now. Maybe there's an anxious Leaf driver that is ready to step up to the Telsa range/experience.

Best of luck with the sale! Don't be discouraged.
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This M3 is on Oahu, Hi, Price is $64,000. That is just slightly above my cost including deliver,tax and registration.
I will get the tax rebate. Also under the Aero wheel covers are nice grey spider alloy wheels.
T3 1.jpg
T3 2.jpg
T3 4.jpg
T3 5.jpg
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Great to see pictures of a very nice example of a Model 3 available for immediate purchase. I don’t think this one will sit for long. It is refreshing to see an asking price that is explained.
Purchased for business then the rebate must be amortized.
Leased vehicle ? maybe no rebate.
Purchased and put in service as personal transportation is full rebate.
I am not a tax accountant but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night!